THE Big Question


How do you answer that question? If it gets asked at all. The other day a colleague of mine asked, “How do you introduce, tongue cleaning or Bad Breath to your patients?” It’s a difficult topic to address with a patient, or friend. First thing, most people will not ASK. That does not mean they are not concerned, interested, or worried about the subject. In our office we have developed a “workaround,” we include a tongue cleaner in our Hygienist’s exam pack. Our Packs include mirror, perio probe, pickups, and a Tongue sweeper. Our Patients sit down, update Health history, perio update, cancer exam, and, then we ask them to stick out their tongue. We sweep their tongue and wait… and look at the debris (Biofilm) removed from their tongue. This opens the door for co-diagnosis. It will lead to questions about , “why my gums bleed,” why do I have a cavity,” “could this cause BAD breath?” WHAT an opportunity to address patients issues about so many thing going on in their mouths.

Stay Healthy!